On December 22, 2005, the United Nations General Assembly identified solidarity as one of the fundamental and universal values that should underline relations between people from around the world in the 21st century. The General Assembly, thus, proclaimed December 20 of each year as International Human Solidarity Day.

Earlier on December 20, 2002, the United Nations General Assembly, by resolution 57/265 had established the World Solidarity Fund, which was set up in February 2003 as a trust fund for United Nations Development Programme. The objective of the fund is to curb poverty and promote human and social development in developing countries.

According to the United Nations, International Human Solidarity Day aims to:

• Celebrate unity in diversity.

• Remind governments to respect their commitments to international agreements.

• Raise public awareness on the importance of solidarity.

• Encourage debate on the ways to promote solidarity for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, including poverty eradication.

• Encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication.

The UN says that the concept of solidarity has been a defining part of the organisation since its birth. According to the United Nations, “The creation of the United Nations drew the peoples and nations of the world together to promote peace, human rights and social and economic development. The Organization was founded on the basic premise of unity and harmony among its members, expressed in the concept of collective security that relies on the solidarity of its members to unite to maintain international peace and security.”

The International Human Solidarity Day is based on the Sustainable Development Agenda, which in itself is centered towards lifting people out of a number of debilitating aspects like poverty, hunger and disease. Considered to be a ‘Millennium Declaration’, solidarity is considered to be one of the fundamental values of international relations in the 21st century, under which the people who benefit the least and suffer most deserve help from those who benefit the most.

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