EVgo, which is working with Tesla on the project, is deploying the connectors to all of its San Francisco locations at the outset, with stations elsewhere getting them next year. The company plans to install them at all of its 750+ stations across the US. It's said to be the first time Tesla connectors have been available at public charging stations in the country.

EVgo welcomes Tesla Drivers! EVgo has integrated the Tesla connector into our fast chargers for a seamless driver experience. We're deploying Tesla connectors at all EVgo public fast charging stations in San Francisco. Find a location using the EVgo app: https://t.co/p2gjapoX9a pic.twitter.com/OKEKvlPVKp

— EVgo Fast Charging Network (@evgonetwork) December 19, 2019

Tesla has a proprietary adaptor, but charging stations in the US tend to use either CHAdeMO or CCS connectors. Tesla doesn't offer the latter yet, despite the market seemingly moving towards that as a standard, but it does have CHAdeMO adapters. EVgo's fast chargers provide both options, with a third on the way in the shape of Tesla's connector.

The EVgo initiative will give Tesla owners more on-the-go charging options beyond Superchargers, especially if they don't have their adaptor with them. You can find stations with Tesla connectors through the EVgo app.

Source: Engadget.


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