PUBG Mobile Lite continues to be updated in order to make it as close an experience as possible to the full version of the game. Its latest version now offers a 4v4 Team Death Match mode, and the ‘Warehouse’ map used in the mode is the same one used in the full version of the game. This is in contrast to the smaller version of the Erangel map (called Varenga) used in Battle Royale mode. Besides the weapons, in the respective teams’ spawn points, additional equipment such as Level 3 helmets, M249 Machine Guns, and RPG-7 rocket launchers are located in various areas of the map.

Additionally, the game features a bunch of new additions as well. This includes new social features such as the ability to see a teammate’s real-time status. Further, an enemy's location is now revealed when they are hit by a teammate. The game now features three new weapons including the MK47 and the Skorpion. System updates include the ability for players to team up in Clans and communicate via in-game chat. Other changes include adjustments and bug fixes including the addition of a ‘Report’ feature for the Friend page.

The new update for PUBG Mobile Lite also brings a host of new festive customisation options. These include winter-themed in-game skins, and Lucky Air Drops. There is also a new Arcade Spin event and advertisement rewards. The main menu has also been overhauled and players will notice that it is decorated with a holiday theme.

Source: Digit


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